Did you know that…


… labs have the second highest energy consumption per square metre after data centres?

… for every litre of deionised water three litres of water are required?

… life science labs produce 5.5 tons of plastic waste every year?


Many of us students aim to live sustainably, reduce and recycle waste and try to minimise our consumption of ressources. As soon as we enter the lab, however, all our efforts don’t seem to play a role anymore. This is exactly what we try to change with our Taskforce Sustainability. Our aim is to make the teaching in chemistry and biochemistry more sustainable. We’re constantly looking for people to help us achieve this aim.


Over the last few months we have met up with lab practical organisers and have discussed, for example, how we can make the list of syntheses more sensible and whether we can recycle solvents via distillation. But there is so much more we would like to do!


If you want to join the taskforce, or if you’re simply curious about what we do, send us a quick email to  – we’re happy to have everyone, from first year students to PhD students!


PS: You don’t need to be actively involved in the students’ union to join us!

Universität Heidelberg