Prospective Students

Glad you are here! It is a big decision to find the right subject, university and city for studying both for Bachelor’s and Master’s students. We hope that we can help you with that decision by giving you  a  short outline of what to expect when studying (bio)chemistry in Heidelberg! 

International Students

You can find more information about application details, language requirements and on-boarding procedures on our page for International Students


Chemistry B.Sc. In the first year of study (semester 1+2) you will learn the theoretical and practical basics of chemistry and more generally of all natural sciences. This includes inorganic and organic chemistry, but also physics and mathematics. In the second year, you will receive additional in-depth training in various topics of chemistry such as anorganic, organic + physical chemistry, biochemistry as well as molecular chemistry. In the third and last year of study, you can follow your own interests and choose from a range of elective modules in chemistry, the natural sciences, but also in relevant non-scientific subjects (e.g. economics or law). Finally, in the last semester, you will write your bachelor’s thesis in a research group at Heidelberg University, where you will learn to conduct research independently. Note that most courses are only offered in German, so it is crucial that you have sufficient proficiency in both speaking and writing.

Chemistry M.Sc.  –


Biochemistry B.Sc. Most courses in the Biochemistry B.Sc. are given in German. In the first year, students in biochemistry share many of the modules with students of chemistry e.g. intro to chemistry, physics and mathematics. Later, a stronger focus is put on biochemistry and cell biology with  modules on the cellular metabolism, cellular signaling etc. You will also conclude your bachelor with a thesis project at a research group at Heidelberg University. 

Biochemistry M.Sc. In this Master’s studies you are free to choose from a wide selection of elective modules. 3 out of a total of 4 obligatory lectures can be chosen from a list of ~25  modules (English/German) in the fields of chemistry, pharmacy, biology and bioinformatics (full list is available here) and you can even propose additional modules to be added to that list that fit your interests. The only obligatory lecture is “Pathobiochemistry”, currently given in the summer term. Further, you have to attend and summarize 15 scientific talks until the beginning of your thesis and write a project proposal for your thesis project. A significant part of your studies will include conducting lab rotations/research internships (total length of 32 weeks) in research groups at Heidelberg University or anywhere else in the world. Therefore, you can easily follow your interests. The program is concluded by a 6-month thesis project.


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