Service of the Fachschaft Chemie

1.  We provide you with lab coats ( 15 € ) and safety goggles ( 5 €)  

2.  We hold a large amount of past exam papers and oral exam reports, which can be obtained at the opening times. To be up to date with the oral exam reports, we require a deposit of 5 €, which is repaid after you submit your own report. Please bring a flash device.

3. Borrowing books: Books can be used in the department’s library. However, borrowing books is usually an exception. If you’re interested, please ask in the Fachschaft’s office.

4. Study advice:  If you need any advice concerning your studies, or you’re thinking about studying chemistry here, don’t hesitate to ask in the Fachschaft. If you are not at Heidelberg University yet, it’s best to send us an email and make an appointment with one of our members.

5. Glassware insurance: We can provide you with a glassware insurance, which can be obtained for 13,20 € and is liable for all damages in the lab. We usually visit you in the lab at the beginning of your lab course to register you for the insurance.

Universität Heidelberg