Chemistry Master


Fast Facts

Informationen der Universität (offcial Informations, german)
Bachelor-Master-Übergang (transition Bachelor-Master, german)
Modulhandbuch (Handbook, german)
Dead line: 15. May for the winter semester, 15. November for the summer semester
Standard period of study – 4 semesters
Emphasis (lectures in either german or english)

  • Anorganic Chemistry:  Metallorganic Chemistry, Complexchemistry ,Chemistry of the main groups, bioanorganic Chemistry, Spectroscopy and structures; Molecular modelling, Catalysis.
  • Organic Chemistry: Preparative organic und metallorganic Chemistry, catalyst research, enantioselective and metall mediated organic synthesis and natural material chemistry, physical-organic chemistry, spectroscopic methods, applied quantumchemistry.
  • Physical Chemistry: Kinetics (esp. compustion reactions), Surface chemistry, (non linear) laserspectrospcopy, STM, single molecule biotechnology, electrochemistry und radiochemistry, technical and theoretical chemistry.
  • Cooperations with the faculties for  biology, physics and medicine, with the Heidelberg University Biochemistry Center, the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing, the  Max-Planck-Instituten für Kernphysik und Biomedizinische Forschung (institute for nuclear physics and biomedicine research), the Max-Planck-Institut für Metallforschung (institute for metall research) in Stuttgart, the German center for cancer research, the Institute for technical chemistry and nuclear waste management at the research center Karlsruhe and  the institute for transuranium elements in Karlsruhe.

Speciality: You will have to choose three lectures from the above list in each field and you will have to take the lecture “Angewandte spektroskopische Methoden” (applied spectroscopic methods). Use the Masterplaner to try out different combinations. Additionally you have to complete four “Forschungspraktika” (research labs, 6 week for OC and AC, 4 for PC and your elective subject). You will have to pass a master exam (ca. 45 minutes, 3 professors) before you can begin your master thesis.
Job opportunities: Tutorial, lab supervision, quite possible to work and study at the same time

Person in Charge:
Prof. Dr. Oliver Trapp
Consulting hours Mi. 10.00 – 12.00 Uhr und nach Vereinbarung
INF 270, R 108, Tel. (06221) 54- 84 70

ApplicationOnline for the winter- and summer semester possible

The process is different for foreigners.


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