Chemistry Bachelor

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Dead line: 15th Juli 2014
Standard period of study – 6 semester
Maximum period of study– 9 semester
Emphasis – Organic chemistry, chemistry of complexes, labs
Speciality – Praxis orientated (labs)
Job Opportunities: Tutorial (from the 3. sem. onwards), otherwise hard
Person in charge
Prof. Dr. H. J. Himmel
n.V. INF 270, Zi. 260. Tel. 54 84 46
Dr. Elisabeth Kaifer
n.V., INF 270, Zi 276, Tel. (06221) 54-85 28
Application: Onlineapplication, handing in the documents –> Application form, Hochschulzugangsberechtigung, Exam
The process is different for foreigners.
Applicationwebsite (deutsch/german)

 Studying chemistry in Heidelberg is  a bit different. The emphasis lies on labwork, the subjects and the bachelor exam. As a bachlor student you will have a different lab every new semester. The lab is open from 1 pm to 6 pm (and you will prop. want to make use of the time).  That means doing analysis, cooking (making new compounds), writing protocols and preparing experiments. During lab you will have to take oral exams every few weeks. The preparation takes up to a few weeks. The subjects cover most topics in a general manner. The advantage is that you will come across most topics you will encounter during your study.  But sadly, you will not be able to specialize. You can do that during your master studies. During the 6th semester you will have to take an oral bachelor exam before 3  professors. There aren’t really any extrem differences for the bachelor in germany. To study in Heidelberg means that your subjects are more general orientated and more focused on practical application. With this studying is a time consuming aspect. The organisation is suboptimal and students have to inform themself all the time. Luckily the solidarity between students is strong and the relationship with most of the professors is quite good.

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