International Students

We are super excited that you decided to join our faculty at Heidelberg University! We know that it can be difficult to navigate the bureaucracy at German universities, especially for exchange students. Here is a selection of resources that might help you to find the information you need. 

Note that we represent the student body of (bio)chemistry students at Heidelberg University. We aim to support students in their studies and to represent their interests against the university.  We are not directly involved in any administrative processes at Heidelberg University regarding your application or exchange program.

For comprehensive information on all programs at Heidelberg University, including those in Chemistry and Biochemistry, you can visit this website


Chemistry B.Sc.

For information on applying to the Chemistry B.Sc. program as an international applicants at the University of Heidelberg, please visit this page:

Chemistry M.Sc.

General information about the Chemistry M.Sc. program can be found when following the instructions this page:

For information on application deadlines for international applicants to the Chemistry M.Sc. program, please visit:

Chemistry B.Sc. (50%)

For educators and students who apply for the Chemistry B.Sc. (50%) please visit:

Language requirements

If you are an international student applying to either the Chemistry B.Sc. or Chemistry M.Sc. program, please note that you will need to meet certain language requirements. For details on these requirements, please visit:


For ERASMUS students, there is also a direct contact at the faculty of chemistry: 

Professor Enders (he/him)
Monday – Friday 10:00 – 12:00 and 14:00 – 17:00
Phone: +49 (0) 6221- 54 6247


If you have any further questions regarding the student life in Heidelberg you can contact us


Note that we cannot help you with  any questions/details regarding your exchange program etc. 

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