About the QAR

QAR is short for Quality Assurance Resources.

In 2012 tuition fees were abolished in Baden-Wuerttemberg. The resulting lack of financial resources was compensated by the state via the QAR. Until mid-2015 this money has been distributed by a Quality Assurance Committee with the participation of students. With the autumn term 2015/2016 the main part of these financial resources was included into the core founding of the University.  However, to guarantee a certain degree of co-determination for students the Student Representatives received the right of proposal for the distribution of 11.7% of the former QAR. The Student Council (StuRA) transferred this right of proposal to the student bodies of the individual faculties.

Thereby we, as the Student Representatives for the Department of  Chemistry and Biochemistry, can propose a distribution to the Dean of the University which is usually agreeing the proposal after a review of its  legal validity.

Professors, lectures, employees of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry as well as students can make an application for the distribution of QAR to the Student Representatives. Thereto a submission deadline has to be met which will be announced by the Student Representatives.

All application are collected by a QAR Committee within the Student Body which decides about what applications will be transferred to the Student Council. The Student Council redirects the applications to the Dean of the University which takes the final decision.
The QAR Committee is elected by the Plenum of the Student Body consist out of the Student Representatives, three students from the Department of Chemistry, one student from the Department of Biochemistry and one further student which is most likely studies as a teaching post in chemistry.

The following subsections give you the information about the guidelines for distribution of the QAR adn which projects were funded by QAR.

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