This insurance can only be claimed by students of the faculty for chemistry. 

Duration: one semester: 1. Oct – 31. March or 1. Apr – 30. Sept!
Price: 13,20 € no change possible!!
percentage excess: on accident €25


  1. List all damaged or broken glas items and rebuy them. Please keep all bills.
  2. Fill in the form (Versicherungsformular ). For reference: Muster.
    It is important that you write under “Versicherungsnehmer” “Fachschaft Chemie” and you as the damaged. “Schadenshergang” means what happened (of course you should write it in german), “Zeugen” witnesses, “Konto”  bank account. “Schadensschätzung” is the sum of all your bills. Please sign under “Unteschrift Schadensverursacher/Mitversicherte Person”!
  3. Than you need to visit us (See Where to find us) so that we can sign the document.
  4. Then you have to scan your documents and the receipt and mail them to: condor(at)
    Subject: Schadensmeldung VS:40775343478690

If there are problems during the Process, TELL US! If you have any questions, feel free to write us an Email.

Insuranceform/Versicherungsformular                          Versicherung Muster

Universität Heidelberg